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administrator added a new comment on LadyJay's bulletin.

It's pretty quiet Jay.  I haven't been doing much to keep it going, sadly.   I do want to move to a better platform, so i get control back of what's happening.

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49 minutes ago
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markstanley wrote on their own profile.

All-new jazz delicacies ride the SoundTraxx airwaves, from Euge Groove, Nicola Conte, U-Nam, David P. Stevens, Deborah Ledon, Mariea Antoinette, Freddie Ravel, Dee Brown, Nathan Woodward, New Latitude, Joey Sommerville, Peter White,
and more .. so why not class up your musical repertoire and join us

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Ronald G. Patton
Ronald G. Patton added a new comment on their own song.

Hi Jay:

Yes, you can my tune on your station.  I'm glad you enjoy my music that much to ask permission to do so.  Let me know if you need any thing else from me.

Thanks for your interest.

Take care,


LadyJay added a new comment on Natalia's profile.

Hi Natalie, it Lady Jay from HOT CLICKS. I have been doing my own thing for a while... I am back on the Matrix..I always find sleeper Artists that are super... I love these 2 new tunes...I am doing a radio station..just got it up on Radionomy...All the software.....anyway I'm doing my Hot Clicks and

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LadyJay wrote on bayramjazz's profile...

I really like this track...Hi this is Lady Jay and I have a show called Hot Clicks.  I'd like to highlight this song in my world music catagory..Is that good with you?  and do I call you bayramjazz as the me at or message me here on the Matrix....Here's my link t

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LadyJay wrote on ronhutchens's profile...

Hey Ron, it's Lady Jay from HOT CLICKS...Wow this tune moves...May I use it on my stream?  Lady jayz Stream..My new Hot Clicks show reddy to roll.  I think remix and bring up the guitar licks and WOW>.. email me at or message here on the Matrix... 

Check out my station then let

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LadyJay added a new comment on their own song.

This is IGOR...I love it!

Lady Jay

LadyJay added a new comment on Ronald G. Patton's song.

Hi Ronald, may I use your tune on my station? Lady Jayz Stream... It's for my Hot Clicks show...I like it and I think my audience will as me at or message me here on the Matrix...

LadyJay added a new bulletin "Who's still here?".
Tom De Lasa
Tom De Lasa joined the community.
Tom De Lasa
Tom De Lasa joined the community.
markstanley wrote on their own profile.

Just posted: Gerald Albright, Wlll Downing, Jessy J, Incognito, Terry Disley, Jay Soto, Zone, and more ... all in a classic Encore SoundTraxx from November 2010. Relax, listen, and enjoy .. it's all right here, on-demand, in the JazzMatrix ...



Hey Mark, it's Lady Jay...What's going on? Is the site still kickin it? Who's incharge now?  I see new members....

November 5, 2014
behnam joined the community.
MaxVasquez uploaded a song "Believe" to the album "While The City Sleeps".
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