It's Christmas Time On SoundTraxx
Posted December 22, 2015 by markstanley

Please join us for our latest "Christmas-Unique" SoundTraxx Special
... 2 hours of carefully-selected Holiday Jazz for the perfect Christmas
atmosphere .. enjoy it now, on-demand, here in the JazzMatrix !


Our Newest ...
Posted December 7, 2015 by markstanley

It’s an all-new Special Edition SoundTraxx, with a star-studded mix
high-end jazz ingredients … fresh treats from Nathan Woodward, Fourplay,
Peter White, Jesse Cook, Kenya, Kim Waters, Halie Loren, Scott Wilkie,
Weathertunes, Blake Aaron, Michael e, Bickley Rivera, Thisbe Vos, and
Kenyon Carter .. and classics from Earth Wind and Fire, Hiroshima, and
Caldera … it’s another Perfect Blend, and we hope you’ll join us ...
on-demand now in the JazzMatrix!


Time To Enjoy An Encore SoundTraxx
Posted September 21, 2015 by markstanley

Everything old is new again, as we reach back into mid-2011 for a
classic Encore SoundTraxx. Our series continues with treats from Bob
Baldwin, David King, Gianna, Peter White, Cheryl Hodge, Norman Brown,
The JWB, Brian Bromberg, Michael e, Acoustic Alchemy, Michael Paulo, and
more .. this show now airing on-demand exclusively here in the JazzMatrix !



It’s an all-new SoundTraxx, with fresh delights from
Bob Baldwin, Matt Marshak, Jane Maximova, Renato Falaschi, Sydney
Ranee’, Kurt Elling, Shakatak, Jazmin Ghent, Dreamhunter, Larry Carlton,
Flavour, and Sylvia Bennett, plus treasures from Isaac Hayes, Chieli
Minucci, Chris Standring, and Dancing Fantasy .. all in yet another
Perfect Blend. Please join us ... on-demand, right here in the JazzMatrix !


New On SoundTraxx
Posted July 26, 2015 by markstanley

Dial us in for another Special Edition SoundTraxx, as
we extend a huge thanks to our artist/musician friends who’ve regularly
stayed in touch with us via social media … classics from James Colah,
Michael Parlett, Rocco and Rahj, John Pedersen, Paul Taylor, Marc
Antoine, Dirk K, Eric Evans, Duncan Millar, Airborne Jazz, and Michael E
.. plus fresh new material from Bob Baldwin, Josie James, David Benoit,
Randy Scott, Julian Vaughn, Terje Lie, and the Blu J'z … it’s yet
another tasty and Perfect Blend … please join us, on-demand here in the JazzMatrix !


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